Ways to Win Powerball in 2014


The colored squares above indiciate how many numbers drawn match the numbers on your ticket.
White squares – The first five numbers on your ticket can match with any of the first five numbers drawn, in any order.
Red squares – The Powerball number on your ticket can only match with the Powerball number drawn (not with one of the first five numbers).
Except for the jackpot, all of the prizes listed above are fixed prize amounts, regardless of the size of the jackpot.
Prior to January 18, 2012, the second prize amount was $200,000, and the Powerball-only prize was $3.
Prior to January 18, 2012, the Power Play prize amount was based on a randomly-selected multiplier number generated by computer before each drawing.
Prior to August 31, 2005, the second prize amount was $100,000.

How to Claim Your Prize

Sign the back of your ticket and take it to an authorized lottery sales agent for validation. If you win a prize greater than $599, you may need to complete a claim form and send it to the state’s lottery commission.

Winning tickets are subject to validation and must be claimed in the state in which they were purchased. The period in which you must claim your winning ticket varies by state:

Arizona 180 days
Arkansas 180 days
California 1 year
Colorado 180 days
Connecticut 180 days
Delaware 1 year
Florida 180 days
Georgia 180 days
Idaho 180 days
Illinois 1 year
Indiana 180 days
Iowa 1 year
Kansas 1 year
Kentucky 180 days
Louisiana 180 days
Maine 1 year
Maryland 182 days
Massachusetts 1 year
Michigan 1 year
Minnesota 1 year
Missouri 180 days
Montana 180 days
Nebraska 180 days
New Hampshire 1 year
New Jersey 1 year
New Mexico 90 days
New York 1 year
North Carolina 180 days
North Dakota 180 days
Ohio 180 days
Oklahoma 180 days
Oregon 1 year
Pennsylvania 1 year
Rhode Island 1 year
South Carolina 180 days
South Dakota 180 days
Tennessee 180 days
Texas 180 days
U.S. Virgin Islands 1 year
Vermont 1 year
Virginia 180 days
Washington 180 days
Washington, D.C. 1 year
West Virginia 180 days
Wisconsin 180 days

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