Lotto Playing Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Cost

Every day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, and wondering why they are not getting more wins.Lotto or Lottery winning is just not only luck. Some techniques and tips can improve your chance of winning any lottery. Buy Any lottery Online from here>>> So here’s 10 playing errors you MUST avoid – it will make you a better… More →

How to Win the Australian Oz Lotto Jackpot

Australia’s record lottery jackpot was set by Oz Lotto in November 2012 when an AUD$ 112,000,000 top prize was split by four lucky winners, each of whom held tickets with all seven winning numbers. The Aussie lottery starts at AUD$ 2 million, but without any jackpot cap, it continues to grow until won. Match all 7 numbers to win the… More →

How to Choose Winning lottery numbers | Tips

Here are five great tips to bear in mind next time you complete your lottery play slip. These suggestions won”t enhance your odds of winning but they can significantly increase the sum you win if you do hit the jackpot. These 5 lottery winning tips are all to do with avoiding the methods used by other people when selecting their… More →