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Match Prize Winners (4/6/2012 Drawing)           +   JACKPOT 0          $250,000 9         +   $10,000 30        $150 1,632       +   $150 1,669     +   $10 27,354      $7 88,870   +   $3 156,349  $2 283,944 Total Number of […]

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With such a massive amount of money at stake, it was only a matter of time before the Mega Millions dream became a Mega Millions mess. Get How to Win Lottery Guide Here Play and Win USA mega millions lottery online now and win the Jackpot Three winners were lucky enough to have winning tickets […]

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Lottery players across the United States are buying their Mega Millions tickets in preparation for Friday’s massive $200 million drawing. The cash value stands at a staggering $145.4 million.  Lottery players typically think of the cash value as roughly half of the annuity estimate, but this Mega Millions cash value represents 73% of the annuity estimate. Get […]

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Play and Win USA mega millions lottery now and win the Jackpot.   Who can play Mega Millions?  Get How to Win Lottery -Guide Here You must be 18 years or older to purchase lottery tickets. How to Play Mega Millions: The object of Mega Millions is pick a total of six (6) numbers and […]