Powerball lottery winning tips | Just follow the rules to become a millionaire

There are many forms of gambling that people like. However one form that seems to be proving extremely popular is the Powerball Lottery. This like the Mega Millions lottery takes place two times each week. The draws for this take place on a Wednesday and Saturday night and can be watched live on TV.

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Unlike other forms of lottery that varies States in the USA allow to take place this one requires two drums from which balls will drawn. One drum contains 55 white balls and the other contains 42 red balls. From the first drum containing the white balls a total of 5 will be drawn and from the second one containing the red balls then one will need to be drawn from this. Of course all the balls in each drum have numbers printed on to them and the ticket you purchase in order to win the jackpot will have the same numbers on it as were drawn on either the Wednesday or Saturday night.

Of course many of us would like to be able to sit down and watch the balls being drawn live, but due to our lifestyles this isn’t always the case. Therefore if at any time you do miss a draw and would like to know if you have won or not there are several ways of finding out. Of course you could wait until the news later that evening to see if anything is being said about someone winning the Powerball lottery. The other way of course is look in the paper the next day.

But if you would prefer not to wait until the following morning then there are sites such as lottery.com that publish the results shortly after they have happened. Just go to the page on their website that says and the information you require will appear at the top of the page that appears before you.

Along of course with you being able to see what numbers were drawn on a particular day you can also see immediately if they jackpot has been won, or whether it is rolling over until the next draw. Plus it also provides you with the opportunity to look back over the previous draws that have taken place to determine if the numbers you have decided to use are ones that are going to help you with the chances of winning.

However there are certain things that you can do in order to help improve the chances of the numbers that you pick could result in you winning a prize even a small one. Below we offer a number of tips you may find very useful when it comes to you playing the Powerball Lottery.

Tip 1 – When you go to a Powerball agent to purchase your ticket make sure that the numbers you have chosen have been entered correctly. The best way of ensuring that this happens is to fill in the betting slip that the agent will then pass through the machine. It is important that you follow the instructions to the letter with regards to the way in which the form needs to be completed. If you don’t do so then the chances of your slip being declined are greatly increased.

Tip 2 – Although most of us today when it comes to wanting to play any kind of lottery game will have certain numbers that they like to use. But sometimes people will prefer to leave the chances of winning to luck and will opt to go for the Quick Pick option. In most cases you can either ask the agent for such a ticket or the other way is to complete the part of the betting slip that when it passes through the machine will select it for you.

Tip 3 – Many of us would like to have a greater opportunity to select numbers that increase the opportunity to win a prize. Again you need not leave it to chance what numbers you select. Instead why not go over past draw results to see how the numbers have come out previously. Of course you could spend hours trawling and collecting this type of information. But if you would prefer not to have spend hours in front of the PC looking for the information you want then there are plenty of websites that can do this task for you instead. One such site that is capable of providing you with the information you need is lottery.com. Here you can actually track certain numbers by putting them into a program on their site. They will then allow you to check each week how they are doing.

From 2009, Powerball lottery ticket have a little change from the previous year.In 2009, you now select five numbers between 1 and 59 and 1 Powerball from 1 to 39.

Here’s how to choose the right numbers to win some lottery money, or even a jackpot!

This is what you need:

To live in a country or state which offers Powerball

$ 1 to buy a ticket

1. To select the number between 1 and 59, look at your watch or cell phone clock to see the minutes after the hour.

This is your first Powerball number. If it’s 00 minutes, select either 1 or 59.

2. The second lottery number to pick is that of your age. If you are aged over 59, subtract 40 from your age and use that number.If you are aged 100 years or older, select any number you feel up to.

3. To select the third number, take the first number and subtract 60. For example, if you select 22 for the first number you should select 60-22 = 38 for the third number. Before choosing the fourth, for a moment visualize all this money jackpot that awaits you.

4. For the fourth, ask the station attendant how old he or she is, and then use this number as the fourth number. If the gas station man gives you a dirty look, or refuses to answer, just guess. See step two on how to deal with numbers over 59.

5. For the fifth number, look at your watch again and select the number from last minutes of the hour.

6. Well, the last stage is the most important: picking Powerball. Close your eyes and concentrate on the ticket. A number between 1 and 39 must fly into your consciousness. Please keep this number and select it as Powerball.

Congratulations, you’ve completed a Powerball ticket with a high chance of winning.

Don’t forget that you should be in it to win it!

Using this type of facility when it comes to the Powerball Lottery could result in you not only saving a great deal of time. Plus it also could save you a great deal of money as you won’t end up choosing numbers that really don’t seem to be have any luck in getting drawn.
Powerball revolutionized and changed the structure of lottery games played in the USA. By having five numbers chosen from one set of numbers and another number chosen from a separate set of numbers, the odds are greatly increased in spite of a seemingly low number field.

Powerball has made more big changes to the game which began with the January 18, 2012 drawing. The Powerball number group has dropped from 1/39 down to 1/35, which lowers the odds slightly down to one in 175.2 million (about the same odds as Mega Millions).

Unfortunately, despite lower odds and higher jackpots, the catch is that ticket prices are now doubled. It will cost you $2 for a single Powerball ticket.

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