Euro Millions How to win them ! tips

We all know that lottery numbers are drawn randomly. But do you know that those random numbers form specific patterns. Therefore, if you know the Euro Millions Winning patterns, then the greater the probability that you will pick the winning numbers. Lotto analysts, yes there are such people, have concurred on what strategies produce the highest lottery results, when playing the Euro Millions Lottery. I want to share with you some of those strategies.

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Past winning numbers demonstrate the importance of playing the probabilities. This gives rise to the saying, that which is most possible happens most often and that which is least possible happens least often. When playing the EuroMillions Lottery it is important to heed this saying when picking your Euro Millions winning numbers. Thus, play the probabilities.

When picking your lotto numbers, make sure that you have a balanced group of odd and even numbers. Remember that all odd or all even numbers are rarely drawn. History shows that Euro Millions winning numbers are usually spread across the entire number field. Therefore, all high or all low numbers are rarely drawn. Similarly to odd and even numbers, all of anything only happens less than one percent of the time, and that is not a probability.

Once you decide on your numbers, add them up. Make sure that the sum of the six numbers adds up to the range of 115 and 185. Statistics show that sums that fall within this range have a 70 percent chance of winning the lotto. Also, Euro Millions Winning numbers that have lost for four games account for half of the winning numbers drawn. This concludes that hot numbers have a higher probability of hitting than cold numbers.

Whatever the numbers that you end up picking, make sure that you have analyzed the histories of other lotto games and check any Euro Millions Tips and always check your Euro Millions results if you really want to enter competitions to win money.

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California SuperLotto Plus Winning Numbers | How to be a winner

California’s SuperLotto Plus jackpot starts at $7 million. SuperLotto Plus jackpot keeps growing until someone wins.

Select 5 numbers ranging from 1 through 47 and 1 MEGA number ranging from 1 through 27 or choose Quick Pick to have your numbers automatically chosen for you.

You can play your numbers for up to 20 consecutive drawings on the same ticket by marking the “Advance Play” box on your playslip or telling your retailer.

Always be sure to check that the numbers and the dates are printed correctly on each ticket.

See the winning no to get an extra knowledge:

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Date SuperLotto Plus Numbers SuperLotto Plus
03/07/2012 11 18 21 30 34 06
03/03/2012 02 04 06 07 18 08
02/29/2012 11 13 17 24 47 10
02/25/2012 02 08 12 15 22 12
02/22/2012 01 34 37 39 41 10
02/18/2012 01 19 32 41 42 11
02/15/2012 03 05 16 25 37 16
02/11/2012 01 02 18 34 43 27
02/08/2012 11 24 26 36 38 13
02/04/2012 08 12 25 33 45 05
02/01/2012 02 13 19 39 46 26
01/28/2012 10 15 33 34 37 08
01/25/2012 01 30 33 43 46 09
01/21/2012 16 18 23 40 46 04
01/18/2012 02 13 25 32 45 23
01/14/2012 04 08 25 29 38 13
01/11/2012 02 05 11 12 30 24
01/07/2012 02 05 16 31 35 14
01/04/2012 15 30 34 41 45 20
12/31/2011 01 16 27 33 46 25
12/28/2011 12 22 28 31 42 02
12/24/2011 12 15 37 42 43 08
12/21/2011 08 21 38 43 44 24
12/17/2011 17 23 29 37 46 17
12/14/2011 07 27 33 42 44 24
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California SuperLotto Plus Free Tips

In this day and age, a lot of people have already taking their chances with lottery games. As a matter of fact, you are certainly one of them whether you admit it or not. There is actually nothing wrong about it because you are not hurting anyone. Your only goal in playing a lottery game is to win a prize and have some consistent profits. In point of fact, there are already plenty of lottery games which are in existence in these modern times especially in California. One of these lottery games is actually known as the California Super Lotto Plus.

You can see lots of lottery games in various states. Thus, no matter where you are, you can be sure that you can have your chance of a lifetime of being an instant millionaire by simply playing a lottery game. You just have to be aware first on how you can play in a lottery game. The following is the California Super Lotto Plus mechanics which you should be aware of in order to start playing the wonderful game of Super Lotto Plus:
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-You have to be on a legal age for you to join the Super Lotto Plus. An identification card is needed for the purpose of verifying your age.
-Buy California Super Lotto Plus tickets at any lottery retailers in California. There are in fact thousands of lottery ticket retailers available in the California today.

-Choose your five playing numbers from one to forty-seven. Aside from that, you also have to select a set of numbers as your mega number from one to twenty-seven only.

-Check if you have won. The lotto draws is scheduled everyday at eight in the evening. You can also check for the drawn numbers through the worldwide web or visit again the lottery retailer where you have bought your lottery ticket.

The aforementioned California Super Lotto Plus mechanics are truly simple. Hence, there is no reason for you not to learn the basics as well as the real nature of such lottery game. Now, your next concern is on how you can win in a super lotto game. This may be a daunting matter but there is still nothing to worry about for the following are some of the most outstanding strategy tips which you can consider in order to ensure winnings in the realm of lottery games:

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-Carefully choose your personal playing numbers. You have to make sure to choose a well-balanced set of numbers to have greater chances of winnings.

-Utilize lottery software in choosing your numbers. You can actually find lots of lottery software in the worldwide web. Such software can help you end up with the possible winning number combinations for the lottery schedule draws to come.

-Use a wheeling system. This is actually the most preferable way on how to arrive at a set of playing numbers. This is due to that fact that a wheeling system can help you come up with a possible winning number combination from a range of numbers up to forty-seven.

Indeed, winning in a California Super Lotto Plus may be just a piece of cake with the help of the strategy tips mentioned above. You simply have to make sure to bear all those tips into mind in order to have steady profits as well as to bring home the largest prize possible. After all, a certified strategy is what you only need to gain more money in the world of lottery games and bring home the bacon.

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