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When it comes to US state lotteries, they don’t get much bigger than this one. In fact, none do as the New York Lottery is the largest and most profitable lottery in North America with more than $3 billion going to education in the state every year.

The NY Lottery was also one of the pioneers of government-run lotteries in the U.S and was the second state lottery to be opened back in 1967. Its creation was so successful that $53.6 million was grossed in its first year and residents from neighbouring states would often cross state lines in order to get their hands on NY lottery tickets.

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Since then, the NY Lottery has gone from strength to strength and built up lottery aid totals of more than $42.5 billion. The only time during this period that the New York lottery has not been in action was following a scandal in the 1970s. The lottery was closed by the state after the agency in charge of announcing winning tickets did so with tickets that state lottery officials knew hadn’t been sold.

Apart from that controversy, the history of the New York Lottery has been without any major incidents, other than a large number of huge jackpots. In fact, as any New Yorker will tell you, there are so many huge NY lottery jackpots that they aren’t even big news in the Empire State any more. The impressive total of 110 prizes worth more than $1,000,000 in the fiscal year of 2010-2011 highlights just how many jackpots are available in New York.

However, none of these 110 was bigger than the $319 million won by a group of state workers that have been named the ‘Albany 7’. Their huge jackpot was the fifth largest Mega Millions prize in history at the time and came from a New York winning ticket purchase on March 25, 2011. The winning numbers were generated automatically by the NY lottery number picker after Mike Barth, who bought the ticket, lost his place in the queue after stepping out to buy a candy bar. The man who stepped in front of him also bought a Mega Millions ticket taking what would have been his randomly generated numbers and the rest, as they say, is history.

While the biggest New York Lottery jackpots have come from the bigger multi-state games (Mega Millions and Powerball), there are plenty more single state lotteries that are certainly not to be sniffed at. Currently there are eight other lotteries in New York: New York Lotto, Midday Numbers, Midday Win 4, Numbers, Take 5, Win 4, Pick 10, Sweet Million. Of these, the New York Lotto has been the most popular and is also one of biggest selling U.S lotteries, with millions of people checking the draw results every week.

While jackpot prizes are all well and good, the aim of the NY lottery has always been to raise money for the state itself. Fortunately, this is another area where the NY Lottery exceeds, with annual aid totals now up to $3 billion and are continuing to increase after being at $1.5 billion ten years ago. Figures like these mean that not only is a NY lottery ticket providing you with a chance to win big, it’s also helping the children of the state itself.

All in all, the New York Lottery is certainly one of the most impressive state lotteries around. Huge jackpots and a great variety of lotto style and instant games make it easy to see why NY lottery tickets are in such high demand. And as the lottery itself says: “Hey, you never know”.

Lottery Tip #1: The Online Odds Calculators

With this method of picking lottery numbers all you have to do is go online and find a site that has already calculated the odds of specific numbers being drawn. These sites will take all the numbers that have been drawn and calculate the odds of that number being drawn again.

Lottery Tip #2: The Wheeling Method

When you use the wheeling method you get the best coverage for the lottery numbers you are playing. With the Wheeling method you will buy three systems in the form of a printed or online chart. This is literally the easiest method of spanning the largest amount of numbers when you play the lottery.

When playing the wheeled numbers on multiple tickets you can maximize your payoffs. With this system you will actually be reducing the odds against you and maximize your chance of winning a great cash prize because when you use this method you are actually playing more than the normal set of numbers in one group.

Lottery Tip #3: The Paid Off Numbers Method

This method is a system that provides lottery number picks by researching to see which numbers have not paid off in the recent past and using these numbers as your picks. In theory, these are the numbers that are most likely to be drawn in the near future. When using these numbers it is important to combine them with other numbers, as not all of these numbers will be in a winning pick.
Lottery Tip #4: The Method of Using Dates and Mathematics

Basically, this is not a good system to use when picking your lottery numbers. The two things to keep in mind before you choose your numbers with this method is that using a date, such as a birthday or anniversary, limits the numbers you can pick; at the most there are only 31 days in a month. In addition to this, so many people use this method that there are likely to be thousands of people picking the same numbers that you are. This is not a good system to use when choosing numbers.
Lottery tip #5: Playing Lotteries With Smaller Jackpots

Those lotteries that have smaller jackpots also tend to have fewer players. This alone can increase your odds of winning. More people are attracted to the big lotteries, Like Powerball, Megamillions, Euromillions, or Super Lotto California that offer large payouts, and when you play these lotteries the odds of winning are even less. If you think about it, it would probably be better to win several smaller cash prizes, than to win nothing at all from the big lotteries.
Lottery Tip #6: Play in Lottery Pools

With this method you put your money together with others in a group and buy several lottery tickets. For example, a group of coworkers could pool their money together and share any winnings. Studies have shown that the more tickets you buy the better your odds of winning; a lottery pool is the easiest and most affordable way to do this.
How to WIN New York Take 5 Lotto

When you select your NY Take Five Lotto numbers, try to have a relatively even mix of odd and even numbers. All odd numbers or all even numbers are rarely drawn, occurring less than 2 percent of the time. The best mix is to have 3/2 or 2/3 which means three odd and two even, or two odd and three even. One of these two patterns will occur in 66 percent of the drawings.

Winning numbers are usually spread across the entire number field. If we take a number field and cut it in half, we have the low half and the high half. In a 39-number game like New York Take 5, numbers 1 to 20 would be in the low half, and numbers 21 to 39 would be in the high half. All high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn, occurring only 3 percent of the time. The best mix is to have 3/2 or 2/3 which means three high and two low, or two high and three low. One of these two patterns will occur in 64 percent of the drawings.

Look at a list of New York Take Five lotto results from its past history, and you’ll see, more often than not, that one or more of the number groups is not represented. For example, in the combination 5-8-14-17-32, there are no 20’s. Tracking and studying Number Groups can help you decide which group to omit and which group to give extra heavy play.

List the number of games skipped (games out) since the last hit (win) for each of the winning numbers during the last five games. Then mark the number of times each skip occurred. If any skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lotto numbers that are out that many games. (Help working with lotto games skipped.)

After you choose five numbers you want to play, add them together and make sure that the sum of the five numbers adds up to somewhere between 75 and 125. Sums that fall within that range will account for over 70 percent of all lottery jackpots won.

In Take 5, on average, one lottery number will be a repeat hit from the last drawing every other drawing or 51 percent of the time.

Numbers that have been out (losers) for four games or less account for about half of the winning numbers. Losing numbers that have been out for seven games or less account for about two-thirds of all the winning numbers. Numbers out ten games or less account for 79 percent of the winning numbers. This tells us that hot numbers are more likely to hit, but don’t forget to include at least one long shot in your group of 5.

It is difficult to know when a cold number will end a long losing streak. If you play a number every drawing because you think it is due, you could be chasing it for many months. (Number 45 in New York Lotto sat out 100 drawings before it finally hit.) Although, when a number has been out for 70 games or so, it might be worth chasing.

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