Play 30.0 Million USD Mega Million dollar

MegaMillions is a huge US lottery game that regularly offers nine-figure jackpots. Learn more about how to play and see if you could be the next person to win a ‘mega’ sum of cash! When do MegaMillions draws take place? MegaMillions draws take place in Atlanta, Georgia at 23.00 EST (05.00 GMT) on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Buy Super EN… More →

Play 86.1 Million Euro Super En Lotto and Win

Super En Lotto is one of the most popular lotto or lottery in Europe. There are 86.1 million prize for the lottery. You will win a prize by matching just two numbers. There are six different tiers of prizes. How to Play SuperEnalotto The time until the next draw and the current jackpot are shown above. Simply choose your own… More →

Play 37 Million Euro million lottery

EuroMillions: Europe’s biggest lotto that can reach a whopping €190 million jackpot. Combining this huge maximum jackpot and great odds of winning any prize tier gives a really exciting lotto to play. EuroMillions is an extremely popular lottery originally played across nine different countries within Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. With its… More →

Can non-US citizens play Powerball? What if a non-US citizen wins?

This is a mega million dollar question? Can a non US citizens play Powerball, if yes , if he wins ? So here is the answer.. Do I need to live in one of the Powerball states in order to win? There is NO residency requirement to play and win Powerball. To illustrate this point, in the past, residents of… More →

Play 6.0 Million Euro French Lotto and win

French lotto is one of the most popular lottery in France.France’s official lottery draw takes place three times a week, offers great chances of winning (with a 1 in 16 chance of winning any prize) and boasts minimum jackpots of at least €2 million! It’s the most popular draw in France and it gains momentum quickly with three draws per… More →

play and win 255 Million USD Jackpot for PowerBall

One of the biggest lottery is powerball lottery .. As there is no jackpot winner this year yet. A great opportunity for you to play and win powerball. There was no jackpot winner in the Saturday, February 4, 2017 Powerball drawing, but 2 lucky players matched the first 5 numbers for a $1,000,000 prize: 1 from New Jersey and 1… More →

Play and Win 6.0 Million German Lotto

For decades 6 aus 49, the German Lotto, has enjoyed its status as the most popular lottery in Germany. The name literally translates as six out of 49. So once you know the name of the game you already know how to bet on it – how’s that for German efficiency? Once the six numbers from 1 to 49 are… More →

Tata Ma Millions Lotto App + Forget The Jackpot 2.0 Lotto Book + Lotto Master Lotto Book + Lotto Master Power-Ball Book

Youve read the headlines: WESTERN 649 Proves Lucky Again With Pick 3 Lotto Win In Calgary Powerball Lottery Ticket Sold In Texas Unemployed Maid From Kilmarnock Sparkling After Cleaning Up With Lottery Win And you wonder: Why cant this be me? Every day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, and wondering why they are not getting more wins.Lotto… More →

Play USD 70 Million U.S Power ball online lottery and win

Buy official US Powerball tickets with jackpots that start at $40,000,000 and have passed the half billion dollar mark twice! Choose five main numbers from 1-59 and one Powerball number from 1-35 to enter this draw every Wednesday and Saturday. Powerball was very close to breaking its historical record in February when three lucky players won an amazing jackpot of… More →

Lotto Playing Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Cost

Every day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, and wondering why they are not getting more wins.Lotto or Lottery winning is just not only luck. Some techniques and tips can improve your chance of winning any lottery. Buy Any lottery Online from here>>> So here’s 10 playing errors you MUST avoid – it will make you a better… More →

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