Couple win £6m on the lottery and quit their jobs immediately

Denise and Robert Scarr scooped the jackpot on the Saturday draw after buying a lucky dip ticket at their local Morrisons. Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror Pictured here enjoying their win outside the Midland Hotel on the Morecambe Promenade, in Lancashire. Jackpot: Denise and Robert Scarr have won £6.3 million on the lottery.. Collect your Euro Millions lottery Here>>> A couple who… More →

Tips on Picking Lottery Numbers

It’s easy to understand why so many players spend considerable time and effort deliberating over their choice of lucky numbers. Picking your EuroMillions lottery numbers is the most important part of the game. In fact, other than buying your ticket, it’s just about the only part that really counts. Lottery players adopt a wide variety of techniques to choose their… More →

EuroMillions lottery playing tips

EuroMillions is simple to play and although there is no guaranteed way to improve your chances of winning a prize, there are a handful of tips that can make playing the game as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. Collect your Euro Millions Lottery from Here>>> Buy Your Tickets Early Many players leave buying their EuroMillions tickets until the last minute… More →

British couple win £1m in lottery draw for second time in two years

David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe are the first people to scoop a £1m prize twice and go public, and have beaten odds of 283bn to one. A UK couple who have won £1m in the Euro Millions lottery for the second time have said they “just can’t believe it”. David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe, who won their first… More →

Lincolnshire couple thought £53m EuroMillions win was April Fool’s joke

Retired Richard and Angela Maxwell, from Boston, tell how they thought winning EuroMillions jackpot was prank as they sit 10th on the National Lottery’s UK rich list . A retired couple who have become one of the country’s biggest ever National Lottery winners after bagging more than £53 million at first thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Richard and… More →