Mega Millions Ca – Winning Ways to be a Mega Millionaire

Match Prize Winners (4/6/2012 Drawing)           +   JACKPOT 0          $250,000 9         +   $10,000 30        $150 1,632       +   $150 1,669     +   $10 27,354      $7 88,870   +   $3 156,349  $2 283,944 Total Number of winners: 559,857   Notes: The… More →

Play Euromillions – Europe’s Largest tax free Lottery | How to become a euromillionaires Guide

The Euromillions lottery was started in February 2004. Combining the forces of the UK government backed National lottery, the Spainish lottery and the French lottery, the Euromillions lottery is the biggest, tax free, lump sum lottery in Europe. It has already produced astonishing wealth for many individuals in Europe. But now, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live,… More →

Kansas mega million winner claims his Jackpot Share

A Kansas winner of a share of the record U.S. $656 million Mega Millions lottery claimed the cash on Friday, nearly a week after becoming one of three winners of the historic jackpot, lottery officials said. The winner asked to remain anonymous, and officials declined to detail the winner’s gender, age, occupation or hometown. The ticket was purchased at a… More →

How to Buy Mega Millions Lottery Online | A must read guide for Lotto players

You may be asking yourself sometimes, why do people buy lottery tickets at all? Chances to win it are quite slim anyway. Indeed, millions of people purchase lottery tickets every year, all across the US, and all around the world. The appeal of winning the lottery is really huge! Although many or most players understand that their chances of actually… More →

How to Choose Winning lottery numbers | Tips

Here are five great tips to bear in mind next time you complete your lottery play slip. These suggestions won”t enhance your odds of winning but they can significantly increase the sum you win if you do hit the jackpot. These 5 lottery winning tips are all to do with avoiding the methods used by other people when selecting their… More →

Superenalotto winning tips | Play and Win Superenalotto Online

Have you ever thought of playing Superenalotto online? Or are you already giving up because you keep on losing all your bets and still not winning at all after the countless bets you have made? Well if you are ready to start winning right now, try the Super enalotto game. What is Superenalotto? The Super enalotto allows every player to… More →

NY Lottery winning Tips | play and win Newyork Lottery online

When it comes to US state lotteries, they don’t get much bigger than this one. In fact, none do as the New York Lottery is the largest and most profitable lottery in North America with more than $3 billion going to education in the state every year. The NY Lottery was also one of the pioneers of government-run lotteries in… More →

Play and win Florida lottery | Become a millionaire

Florida Lotto 6/53 is a pick-6 Lotto game with high jackpot odds of one in 22,957,480.Florida Fantasy 5 is much better. Florida Lotto began in 1988 as a 6/49 game and has been using the new 6/53 format since October 27, 1999. There have been over 1,000 drawings with the new number format. You choose six numbers from 1 to… More →

CA lottery winning Tips | become a millionaire

On November 6, 1984, 58% of California’s voters approved Proposition 37, the California State Lottery Act. The Act provides that at least 34% of the Lottery revenues must go to public education. This supplemental funding provides schools with additional resources to meet their locally determined needs. The act specifies that the lottery is to be operated and administered by a… More →

Powerball lottery winning tips | Just follow the rules to become a millionaire

There are many forms of gambling that people like. However one form that seems to be proving extremely popular is the Powerball Lottery. This like the Mega Millions lottery takes place two times each week. The draws for this take place on a Wednesday and Saturday night and can be watched live on TV. Get How to Win Lottery Guide… More →

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